'Ġejja Sena Gym': 6 Exercises To Kick Off 2019 In Healthy Style

Gainz 4 dayz

Malta Gym Exercises 2019

Going to the gym for the first time (or after Christmas break) can be daunting. Getting into the rhythm and (re)learning which exercises you should be doing and how you should be doing them can be an awkward process, and Malta's long festive period (read: food fest) definitely doesn't help.

While we wouldn’t consider us the Olympians of body building, we’ve come up with some exercises which are essential if you want to improve your body structure… Read 4 basic gainz.

1. Bench-press

The equipment you’ll always almost need to fight for.

The epitome of the chest work out. Slab a few weights on that puppy and ask the biggest person in the gym to come spot you.

Work on those pectorals, just do it.

Bench Press Safety Bars Fail

2. Squats

A compound full body exercise that trains primarily your thighs, hips and of course buttocks as well as most of your lower body.

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3. Pull-ups

One of the best tools for exercise in the training, building and strengthening your back muscles. Don’t be disheartened if you are not able to do so many at once, keep working on it you’ll get better, we promise!

Also renowned exercise for improving your posture.


4. Dips

Chests ✔
Triceps ✔
Shoulders ✔

Dips brah. A fantastic exercise to train these muscles, parallel bar dips provide no support, so you are forced to lift your entire bodyweight. (Usually gyms will have a weight reducer on the machine if this is too difficult for you.)

Tenor 3

5. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are super strength exercises that help you work out several muscle groups, including your back, glutes and legs. Make sure to be performing the exercise with good form to reduce the risk of injury.

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6. Good Old Curls

Want to start selling tickets to the gun show?

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your biceps and forearms, look no further. It’s the gym exercise that everyone pictures when thinking of people in the gym, and probably an all-time favorite for many gym heads, there’s nothing like a bicep pump to make your day better.

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Tag someone who needs to start going to the gym in 2018 and hit us up with your favourite exercises below!

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Daniel Borg Cardona