5 Things We're Told About The Flu That Are Total Bullshit

Busting sick myths with facts

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As the flu continues to make its way across the island, more people than ever are spreading the virus, and even more than that are spreading total lies.

It's nice to be offered some friendly advice on how to get more vitamin C in your diet, but here are some straight-up fabrications we need to stop saying, and the truth as explained by Malta's Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate.

1. The flu vaccine will give you the flu

The truth: The flu vaccine does not contain the live virus. It simply cannot give you the flu.

2. Taking antibiotics will cure the flu

The truth: Antibiotics will not help cure a col or the flu - they don't work on viruses. If your symptoms get worse, call your doctor - he'll know whether you need antibiotics depending on what else may be attacking your system besides the flu.

3. Flu is just a really bad cold, it's not dangerous

The truth: The flu can actually be extremely dangerous and can cause complications, in rare cases even death.

4. I got vaccinated a while back, I don't need this year's

The truth: The World Health Organisation predicts which flu viruses will be circulating at different times of the year, and are renewed each year to match the oncoming strain of viruses. 

One flu vaccination will protect you for one flu season.

5. The flu shot will protect you from all types of flu

The truth: The annual vaccine will not include all the strains of viruses there are out there, just the ones predicted to be active that year.

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