6 Tips For Everyone Running Malta's Marathon In Two Weeks

Getting ready for the big day


Photo: Malta Tourism Authority

With just under two weeks till this year's marathon, thousands of people are getting ready to challenge themselves in one of the toughest races out there. Hopefully (bar walkathon-goers) everyone participating should have been training for a while, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Cut down on training for the next two weeks

The peak of your training should happen around two or three weeks before the race, which means around this time you should be cutting back. This will ensure storage of muscle glycogen stores.

These next days you should reduce your time, or frequency, or the intensity of your training.

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2. This week, carry on with your regular diet

This will also continue to build extra glycogen in the muscles.

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3. But next week you need 9g of carbs per kilo of bodyweight

So for example, if you weigh 80kg you should be consuming 720g of carbohydrates every day. Yes, every day. It's tortellini time. Some people argue against this theory, and there's no need to stick to it so rigidly, but the general rule of thumb is to carb-load in the final days.


4. Cut the booze out of your life

Over the next few days you need to make sure you're hydrated, and drinking alcohol works directly against that.

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5. Get as many good nights of sleep as you can

This is not the time for allnighters and crazy parties. Your body needs to rest up, and not just the night before (although, please get a good sleep the night before too).

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6. Remember the challenge is with yourself and no one else

Enjoying the run is so important. After training for so long, and dedicating so much time, the relief and euphoric rush that comes with the last few hundred meters is impossible to explain. 

It's also important to remember you're not racing against others, but only challenging yourself to do the best you possibly can. Get out there and enjoy it, and good luck.


Photo: Malta tourism authority

Thanks for the tips, James!

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