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A Third Of All Of Malta’s COVID-19 Cases Weren’t Maltese

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Malta’s COVID-19 cases so far have been spread over 54 different nationalities, Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed. And a third of them weren’t even Maltese.

Answering a parliamentary question by Claudette Buttigieg on Monday, Fearne broke down a number of COVID-19 statistics, from the island’s total tests to the spread of different nationalities.

As of 2nd July, Malta had registered 671 total cases of the virus. And while 469 of them were naturally Maltese, the rest – which comes up to 30% – were of different nationalities.

After Maltese, Indian featured the most with 31 cases. Italian came third, at 22. The remaining double digit cases were Sudanese (18), Filipino (12) and British (12).

There were also nine Somali cases, seven Pakistani and seven Spanish. Six were Gambian, five were Bangladeshi and another five were Serbian.

Four positive cases were each registered in nationals from Chad, Eritrea, Syria and Libya. Meanwhile, three cases were each registered in nationals from Ivory Coast, Morocco and Norway.

Senegal, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nigeria, Freece, Portugal, Ukraine and Hungary each registered two nationals with COVID-19 in Malta.

Meanwhile, there was one case of COVID-19 positive nationals from the following countries:

Iran, Ireland, Russia, Japan, Togo, Albania, USA, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Canada, Mali, Tunisia, Colombia, Egypt, New Guinea, China, Finland, France, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Algeria, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.

What do you make of these statistics? Does this surprise you?

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