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Advice From A Sex Therapist For Recycle Malta’s “Small Willy” Guy

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Most of you probably remember the ‘small willy’ incident, where an alleged ex-girlfriend posted her ex’s profile to the Facebook group “Recycle Malta“, citing his less-than-endowed penis as one of his biggest faults.

Well, Lovin Malta was uncharacteristically silent about the whole thing; not because we missed the event, but because we were looking for some solid advice to help a brother out. Here’s some handy tips for him to remember.

1. They’ll only care about your size if it’s a PV one-nighter

Less-endowed men can rest assured size isn’t always better.  Research shows that it is a man’s confidence, personality, and attraction that are strong predictors for sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships.

It may be hard to convey as you’re downing shots in Havana, but these traits are appreciated much more than penis size by women in relationships.  

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2. It might be time to put down the pastizz

Losing weight can help the penis appear larger by reducing the fat that covers the area. It won’t affect the actual pleasure, but if you’re worried about size, you can even gain an extra inch by losing weight.

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3. You’re probably more average than you think

According to research, Malta falls under the second-largest category for average size (varying between 14.88cm and 16.10cm), which is significantly lower than the usual “7 inches is average” talk.

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4. So you might want to cancel your penis-pump order

Around 45% of men want a larger penis, so you’re not alone in feeling that way. But there’s no research that proves pills or pumps are really effective. 


5. Overthinking will give you anxiety

Small-penis syndrome is a real thing, one that may impair sex life and life in general. So take it easy, be happy with what you’ve got, and avoid posting about your friends small willy on The Salott, RUBs or any other public Maltese group.

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6. And scientifically, it’s highly unlikely that your penis is actually small

The clinical cut-off point for what’s considered a ‘small penis’ is 6.9cm – time to whip those rulers out boys.


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