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‘As Soon As They Asked Me I Accepted’: Malta’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient Speaks On Historic Moment

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Malta has officially started its first round of vaccinations alongside the rest of the EU in what has been described as a “touching moment of unity” by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. In Malta, the first recipient of the vaccine is Rachel Grech, a nurse that works in Mater Dei Hospital’s Infectious Diseases Unit.

For the past six months, Grech has been working alongside other frontline healthcare workers to take care of COVID-19 patients who have required hospitalisation.

Speaking about being the first person in Malta to receive a vaccine, Grech thanked all of the nurses, care workers, nursing aides and other frontline workers for the work they have done in these difficult times over the past few months.

“When they informed me I was going to be the first nurse to receive the vaccine, I was greatly honoured. This vaccine is one that we have long awaited after so many sacrifices that we have made. As soon as they asked me, I accepted.”

Grech also spoke about how during the pandemic, the nurses of the infectious ward decided amongst each other to invest in a tablet to allow COVID-19 patients within the ward to Skype call their families daily, alongside providing regular updates about the families.


Though she is the first to be vaccinated, thousands of frontline workers and others in the bracket that the first-round tackles have already received their first jab. The first batch contains a total of 10,000 vaccines.

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