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Canada’s Prince Of Pot Is Coming To Malta To ‘Bring Some Inspiration’

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There are few people that have dedicated their lives to legalising weed and suffered more for it than Marc Emery. 

Marc is a Canadian cannabis rights activist, and for decades has fought governments all over the world over their failed drug policies – and now he is turning his attention to Malta.

I’ve read about the occasional harsh situation in Malta, and I wanted to go to a lonely harsh cannabis outpost and bring some inspiration,” Marc told Lovin Malta ahead of his trip here in early March.

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Marc has been arrested at least 36 times for his activism, and was even exiled to the United States for five years by his own government, where he was imprisoned.

His counter-strategy of supporting and funding cannabis related businesses, media, and organisations all over the world has proved effective, and time is proving him to be right on the green.

Over half of the states in the US have legalised cannabis in some form, and nine states have outright legalised. His home country of Canada will be legalising cannabis this very year.

However, it’s not only Malta’s changing stance on weed that is bringing him here.


“I’ve heard it’s beautiful, and my father risked his life for three years to bring supplies to Malta in WW2. He spent three years of his five years in the British Royal Navy taking supplies from Durban, South Africa up the Indian Ocean through the Suez to the relief of Malta,” he says.

“As his ship approached Malta, Nazi Messerschmidt’s would strafe his ship. STUKA fighter-bombers attacked his ship. He received a medal of service for the relief of Malta – and I figure it’s time I came to visit and see how the cannabis culture has been treated in the 75 years since his effort to preserve the freedom of Malta.”

During his visit to Malta he will be giving a talk on cannabis activism and the future of cannabis on Tuesday, March 6th in Valletta in collaboration with ReLeafContact them if you would like to book a place. 

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