Cancer Researcher Issues Health Warning On Santa Venera Tunnels

But he has an easy solution to massively reduce risk


It's common knowledge that pollution can harm the body, with illnesses like cancer and leukaemia being linked to higher levels of pollution in the air. 

However, a Maltese cancer researcher has pointed out that some of our roads have a higher amount of pollution than you'd expect (or would like to hear about).

Profesor Pierre Schembri Wismayer, appearing on TVM's Dissett with Reno Bugeja, was discussing cancer prevalence in Malta, and how certain internal organs, like the brain or even the blood, can be affected by high levels of pollution.

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Santa Venera tunnels

"Chemicals found in petrol are especially known to enter into the body - chemicals like benzene - and when they enter the body they can cause severe problems," he said.

Talking about the relation between petrol and cancer, he then said that "a study that was undertaken on the Santa Venera tunnel found that in the middle of the tunnel there are 20 times the amount of allowed hydrocarbons that come from petrol because there is no ventilation system in the tunnels."

"I know it might sound stupid," he continued, "but we should be telling people that when they pass through the Santa Venera tunnels they should close their windows.

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He then pointed out that the people who are most susceptible to getting sick from this pollution are children and babies.

"When we don’t take care of the environment around us," he said, "we could be hurting those most vulnerable to us."

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