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Now That Malta’s Bars Are Open, Here’s What You Can (And Cannot) Do

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Bars, pubs and każini reopen after a bleak and daunting period lasting more than half a year. Owners can’t wait to open their doors to guests that have been eagerly waiting for a drink since the end of last October.

However, there are several rules that bars must follow in order to operate.

Like restaurants, bars and każini can now serve up to six people per table, two more than previously. But before you start doing cartwheels with half a dozen friends, there are limits to what you can do now that your favourite place is up and running again.

Singers, musicians and DJs are allowed to perform, but only at a low volume. Regulations say that they are only allowed to provide background music, so that guests don’t need to speak loudly or lean into each other.

Sound levels shouldn’t exceed an average of 70 decibels from the nearest table. For reference, that is as loud as being in a car at 100 km/h or being in a noisy office.

And while you might want to properly go out again, establishments will have to close their doors at midnight.

On top of that, you won’t be enjoying any shared platters for now. Shared finger nibbles are prohibited and each customer should have their own separate portion.

The rest of the regulations remain the same, as guests can only be served sitting down at a table and must continue to wear masks when not seated. Staff must wear masks at all times.

You aren’t allowed to get refills, as a new glass has to be given every time.

And though bars are open, you’ll still have to stay away from karaoke, shisha, billiards and dance floors for the time being.

What do you think about the new regulations in bars?

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