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St Paul’s Bay Hospital For Elderly COVID-19 Patients Is Now Completely Empty 

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A St Paul’s Bay care home that was converted into a hospital for elderly COVID-19 patients is now completely empty, Health Minister Chris Fearne has revealed.

Good Samaritan Hospital was set up last November for residents of elderly care homes who test positive for the virus, allowing them to remain isolated from other residents.

It was subjected to some criticism, with a relative of a patient who was transferred to the home filing a judicial protest against the health authorities and the Nationalist Party warning of inadequate standards.

At its peak, Good Samaritan housed 150 COVID-19 patients, but as more and more elderly people got vaccinated, the number of patients kept declining.

At a press conference today, Fearne revealed that not a single patient is now receiving treatment at the St Paul’s Bay facility.

Meanwhile, 35 COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment at Mater Dei, down from 140 last month. Three COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment at the ITU, along with four people who have recovered from the virus but still require intensive care.

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