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‘We Need To Live With This’: Howard Keith Debono Speaks Out Over The Toll COVID-19 Is Having On Maltese Businesses

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Leading music producer and X-Factor Malta judge Howard Keith Debono spoke out on social media about the toll the pandemic is taking on businesses as most of Europe gets hit by the fourth wave of the pandemic.

A good amount of countries around the world are going back into lockdown, new variants are emerging and cases are slowly rising again, which is leaving everyone in the lurch with regards to how this will affect Malta.

Howard Keith Debono expressed how “another year of pandemic restrictions and uncertainty will certainly put an end to many businesses & possibly even families”.

While there were businesses of food and health that did quite well this year, Debono said how “others are hanging by a thread”.

Suggesting “one long-term bold move, come what may”, Debono said that quarantine shouldn’t remain necessary for people who test negative via contact tracing.

Debono went on to suggest that “we need to live with this” and “we need to be pragmatic unless hospitals are over spilling with COVID severe patients, of course”.

Do you agree?

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