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Doctors For Choice Has Got Your Emergency Contraceptive Prescription Needs Covered With This Maltese Online Service

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If you’re under 18 or just finding it difficult to access the morning-after pill (MAP), worry no more, Doctors for Choice have got you covered with an online service that provides the doctor’s prescription you need to access the timely emergency contraception.

The MAP is available over-the-counter in Malta and Gozo but there are some instances in which having a doctor’s prescription will make it easier to access.

And if you’d rather not face a doctor for whatever reason, this quick yet comprehensive online form is just what you need.

The Morning After Pill Prescription service is a medical consultation device that provides a prescription if it is safe to do so and is approved by medical professionals who will be in touch with those who submit the form. 

Once the prescription is issued, users have the choice to receive the prescription by email or to have it electronically sent to a pharmacy that the pro-choice doctor’s organisation know sell the emergency contraception. 

This service was created for a couple of reasons. 

There are people who don’t want to answer questions about their health and sexual activity in a pharmacy and would rather privately consult a doctor. The prescription will essentially legitimise the need by ensuring that a doctor has asked these questions already.

Other persons may need the pill but have a complex medical history which could make a pharmacist unsure about the safety of administering the emergency contraceptive. Again, this prescription will clarify that a doctor has done the necessary safety checks.

And then there are the persons who are under 18-years-old and cannot access the MAP because of the decision made by the pharmacist on the basis of the individual’s age.

The online form is quick and easy with a couple of criteria that the user needs to fill in for both their safety and understanding of the pill.

It starts with some basic personal information like your birthdate, name, number and so on. It then provides a brief explanation of the pills available – the EllaOne (ulipristal acetate 30mg) and the Escapelle or Levonelle (levonorgestrel 1.5g) and asks you to select one.

Once you select your preferred medication, an in-depth explanation of the pill is provided. It includes what it contains, how it should be used, how it interacts with other medications, warnings, possible side effects and more.

It further asks whether you’re allergic to any inactive ingredients and has a section of important pointers to keep in mind. Like the fact that it doesn’t protect from STDs or STIs and the time window it can be taken in.

It then has some facts about pregnancy and the pill and asks a couple of questions about the normality of your last period.

The next section asks about breastfeeding and whether you’re on the oral contraceptive pill. It even tells you when you can restart the pill.

There’s then a section of medical conditions and whether you suffer from any or if you take medication.

All-in-all, the online consultation takes less than ten minutes and only asks for a €1 donation, if you’re over 18 and can afford it.

Moreover, once the form is submitted, a doctor will get in touch with you and you will be asked to provide some more details.

Click here if you’d like to access the online service.

If you have any trouble accessing any form of contraception you can speak to one of Doctors for Choice’s volunteers through FPAS.

They ensure full confidentiality in all correspondences.

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