E-Bike Competition Winner Commutes To Work In Under Half An Hour

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving

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Last year our CEO was instantly convinced of the benefits of cycling to work after just one day replacing his car with an e-bike on his journey into our offices. The up-sides included the abolition of road rage, the solid phone-free time, the bragging rights, the fresh air – and many more. 

Apart from highlighting the awesomeness of biking to work, the piece also invited our readers to register to win their very on e-bike as part of the BIKE2WORK Campaign in Malta. 

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The campaign is targeted at both employers and employees, claiming that when commuters switch from a motorised mode to a bike, they "tend to be more productive and less stressed because of healthier habits and physical activity".

Well the winner of the e-bike competition, certainly thinks so. 

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"I have always been into cycling but these last 2 years I dedicated more time on the bike both for training and for commuting," said Joanne Busuttil – the winner of the BIKE2WORK initiative. 

"I work in Valletta and considering the big parking problem, I normally come to work by bus or bike. It is only a 10k ride from home to work and it takes just 25 mins by bike as opposed to the 45 minute bus trip". 


The campaign also sought to reward companies that promote and incentivise cycling as the commute of choice for their employees.

"Our company, John Ripard & Son Shipping (JRS) supports the idea of cycling to work and have installed showers and allocated space to keep the bikes in a safe place. As part of the commitment towards this, JRS also helped to start up a new on-demand delivery company called 'Fetch It', whose main focus is on delivering by bicycles."


Now that's what we call #winning. Well done to Joanne Busuttil, and here's to continuing to raise awareness on the benefits of cycling to work #BIKE2WORK.

Do you cycle to work? Let us know what the experience is like for you in the comments section on Facebook.

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