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How Many Maltese People Can Pass These Seven Tests And Truly Claim To Be Fit?

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Malta has recently seen a resurgence in physical exercise and gym memberships, and with summer right round the corner, many people would claim to be at their fittest. For those who were wondering, there’s now an official test to see whether you’re truly fit or not. 

Bobby Maximus, the training director at one of UK’s most hardcore establishments the Gym Jones, said there are 20 criteria you need to meet to be able to claim to be in top shape. Writing in Men’s Health, Bobby (who trains everyone from pro-athletes to Special Forces soldiers) said that seven of these criteria are the “most critical”. 

Disclaimer: Bobby was specifically talking about male fitness standards, so don’t freak out if you’re a very fit woman and this test feels like total bs.

1. Bench pressing your bodyweight for 10 reps

This endurance test is carried out by Special Forces soldiers, and Bobby claims that if you can manage to bench press your bodyweight for 10 entire reps, “you’re going to pass most military and law enforcement pushup tests.”

2. Doing 15 pull-ups

Anyone who’s attempted to do one pull-up knows how much of a bitch 15 clean cut pull-ups can be. Bobby says you can only achieve this if you engage all your muscles at the same time.

3. Back squatting twice your bodyweight

The most important lower-body strength test on the list, according to the professional trainer. Being able to back squat with double your bodyweight means “your legs are strong and your glutes, quads and hamstrings are all working efficiently.”

4. Doing a Turkish get-up with half your bodyweight

It’s hard enough to get a weight about your head while standing up, let alone getting up off the ground while doing it. This insane test of your core strength is a tough test with whatever you weight you try, but if you manage to do it with half your bodyweight, you’re basically an athlete.

5. Rowing 500 metres in 90 seconds

Showing that you can hold a sprint, this test is a killer interval training session to prove whether you can fully power down for a sustained amount of time.

6. Rowing 2000 metres in seven minutes

This one kicks things up a notch to test your mental and physical fitness. Seven minutes is an awfully long time, but it’s still not enough time for most people to manage rowing 2000 metres.

7. Running 10 kilometres in 50 minutes

“If you can’t cover a good distance of ground quickly, you’re not that fit,” Bobby said. “Running is the most fundamental form of human exercise. This test tells me your lungs are in order.” Good luck guys!

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