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Post-Op Recovery Centre For Those Who Need Extra Care Available In Naxxar

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Undergoing any form of operation can be a life-changing thing. No matter if you underwent a hip replacement or had some work done on your breasts, you will need to recover. Here are seven reasons why you absolutely need post-op care. 

1. Your recovery meal plan is included

This just might be the biggest reason you need post-op care. Trying to figure out what nutrients will best fuel your body whilst helping you get better can be difficult. Plus, depending on what operative procedure you had, you might not be able to cook for yourself. 

2. 24/7 dedicated care 

Things can go wrong, and if they do, you will have a professional that’s simply a buzz away. With doctors, nurses, and countless other professionals on call, your issue will be sorted out in no time. All you need to worry about is going to sleep. 

3. Providing you rest and recovery time

Undergoing any form of operation is no joke. Your body needs time to heal and recover, and there’s no better place to give your body the time it needs to heal than when receiving post-op care

4. Expert in-house physical therapy

Depending on the procedure you’ve done, you might need to undergo some form of physiotherapy. The greatest benefit of receiving post-op care is the fact that you don’t need to drive and deal with parking when it’s time for your therapy appointment, as the professionals will just come to your room. 

5. A comfortable, spacious, and well-lit environment to recover in

Offering gorgeous gardens, beautiful outdoor spaces, a pretty pool and around the clock care – you can rest assured that both your physical and mental needs are taken care of. Investing in post-op care will give you a hotel-like experience in a peaceful and tranquil environment. 

6. Cleanliness around the clock

When recovering, the last thing you should be worrying about is making sure the floor is swept and the dishes are washed, but these basic tasks still need to be done. When receiving post-op care, you don’t need to worry about any of this as everything is taken care of for you. 

7. Giving you space for self-care

Your body needs to recover but after undergoing something as serious as any procedure, your brain needs a break as well. Making sure you have post-op care will give you the space to unwind and re-learn how to move in this new chapter of your life. 

Simblija Care Home Has It All!

Providing tailor-made post-operative services, Simblija Care Home in Naxxar can help you or a loved one recover the right way. A gorgeous room, outdoor space, and constant attention and care from their team of dedicated professionals are all waiting. 

The key to making any surgery successful is ensuring that the body is given the time it needs to recover. Offering you quality rehabilitation through a personalised plan and physiotherapy treatment happening right in your room, Simblija Care Home will give you the things you need to achieve the best recovery possible. 

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, Simblija Care Home has a team made up of three medical doctors, a nursing team that’s available 24/7, a physical therapy team, a tissue viability nurse, a speech and language therapist, an occupational therapist, a podiatrist and a nutritionist. 

This team of professionals is led by Mr Anthony Brincat who is the head of care and Dr Gabriel Ellul who is the lead medical doctor. But, the most important member of the medical team is the client. Their goal will always be to meet all of the clients’ needs holistically. 

Receiving post-op care at Simblija Care Home is a fully comprehensive deal. Complete with your own room, three meals a day, and a team of professionals, you don’t have to worry about a single thing.

The in-house kitchen works closely with the nutritionist to ensure that each client’s unique dietary and cultural needs are met. No matter the dish, it’s their policy that each meal is nutritionally balanced and prepared using only the freshest of ingredients. 

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in helping you get back on track. That’s why the Simblija Care Home has its very own rehabilitation aquatic centre they call Revive. Available on both an in-house and outpatients basis Revive includes a state-of-the-art physio hydrotherapy pool. 

Boasting beautiful grounds and even access to parking, Simblija Care Home has everything you could ever need when receiving post-op care. Having the car park directly connected to the reception area, you don’t even need to step outside when you’re being picked up or dropped off. 

Simblija Care Home is always looking for ways to expand its horizons. Staying up to date with the latest techniques, you can rest assured when receiving post-op care here. Their post-op care plans can make a massive difference to your recovery journey. 

You can get in touch with Simblija Care Home either by calling them on 2235 1000, 2235 1002 or by sending them an email at [email protected]

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