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WATCH: Heartbreaking Video Of Maltese Child Who Lost His Sight To Cancer Shows How Much Puttinu Really Does Care

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This heartbreaking story of a young boy who lost his eyesight to cancer is the reason why organisations like Puttinu need our utmost support at all times.

Quiven, a young Maltese boy, was diagnosed with eye cancer at three months old. His tumor was so big that doctors made the initial decision to remove one of his eyes and were going to proceed with chemotherapy to try and salvage the other.

Unfortunately, four months later, cancer in his remaining eye began to grow and the difficult decision was made to remove his only remaining eye.

Quiven was not only at risk of losing his eyesight but also his life.

Throughout this turbulent time, the young boy and his family had to travel to London over 40 times to receive treatment from a hospital in central London – a financial and emotional burden that would take its toll on any family.

Thankfully, the support of Puttinu Cares meant that Quiven and his family received essential support during their time abroad.

Now, Quiven is now on his way to living an independent life and has learned how to cook, play piano and even swim.

Puttinu Cares provides essential support to children and even adults suffering from cancer by bearing some of the financial costs of treatment abroad. They’re currently working on a project to buy 30-40 studio apartments in the heart of London so that people seeking treatment may have a place to stay, without being hindered by accommodation costs.

You can support the Puttinu foundation, and their project, by attending their football and volleyball marathon next month. Alternatively, you can donate by following this link.

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