WATCH: Maltese Martial Artist With Parkinson's Could Be Vital To Understanding More About The Disease

He puts on an impressive show, and some people want to know how and why

Andrew Falzon is a Maltese man who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 18 years ago and is fighting every day to beat the odds. His display was so impressive, we've already featured his clips on Lovin Malta. Even with all the limitations that this disease imposes on everyday tasks and motor skills, Falzon put on an astounding display of determination with a nunchaku routine many of us wouldn't even dare pulling off. Now, a group of Maltese creatives think Falzon's achievements might hold valuable information for anyone studying the disease.

Prime8ernal, a new Maltese trio who "celebrate their humanness with illustrations, comics and banter", shared videos of Falzon's badass Martial Arts skills, from his nunchaku routine to him absolutely destroying a punching bag, and explained that they wanted to open the discussion and what the implications are for people suffering from Parkinson's. "Could it be that Martial Arts trigger different neurological pathways?" they asked, carrying on to wonder whether anyone out there is looking into this phenomenon. 

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"If these pathways exist," Prime8ernal continue, "can science migrate more and more everyday tasks to the pathways that Parkinson's cannot reach?" The short two minute video ends there, asking more people to share Andrew Falzon's story, and get the discussion going on whether his story can lead to valuable information on how we understand Parkinson's, and go about diminishing its effects.

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