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Here’s What €5 To €500,000 Will Buy You In Malta

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If you’re visiting Malta for the first time you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by its relative affordability. From transport, to cocktails, to a brand new nationality – we’ve put a price on everything. 

Just so that you are well-prepared ahead of your holiday, here’s a list of what money will get you at various different price points.

1. Under €5

For less than €5 in Malta you can get some delicious seasonal fruit and veg from the roaming vegetable vans peppered around the islands, and/or from an open-air market. You can also get a six-pack of local beer from a  supermarket, as well as a couple of single journey tickets on a bus. You’ll be able to ride the Upper Barrakka lift five times, and you can eat around twenty pastizzi – although we wouldn’t recommend it. 

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2. Between €5-€10

For under €10 in Malta you can get a traditional ftira and beer for two at a local favourite, a single cinema ticket, entry to most museums, an Italian-made pizza, a child’s ticket to the Malta National Aquarium, a souvenir that doesn’t suck… and a cocktail from a bunch of awesome hangouts. 

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3. Around €25

Will get you a decent meal without wine at an average Maltese restaurant, or a feast of epic proportions if you’re eating at a local fenkata place. For under €25 you’ll buy entry to Malta’s water park, and you’ll get two people to either Comino or Gozo and back on the ferry. It’ll also cover your daily car rental fee for the most basic of cars.  

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4. Up to €50

It won’t cost you more than €50 to go kayaking, quad-biking, or wake-boarding around Gozo. You can also get a nice meal with wine at an average restaurant, followed by a gym membership. Or you can spend a day badger kartingsegway touring or paint balling

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5. Between €50-€100

Within this bracket you can catch a boat to Sicily and back, you can buy an original Maltese typography or photography print, you can get a relaxing treatment at most spas, eat very well at a nice restaurant with wine, and even try your hand at a trial flight around the islands.   

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6. Up to €500

Will cover the nightly rent for an awesome Airbnb in the capital, a ride in a Hummer limousine for two hours, a meal prepared by a private chef, a gorgeous outfit created by a Maltese fashion designer, and scuba diving certification for all the amazing diving you’ll be doing while you’re here. 

Screen Shot 2017 04 03 At 17 45 05

7. €1000+

These four digits and above will cover your monthly rent in Malta, a Mediterranean cruise that features Valletta’s port, a yacht charter, and an original work of art by a top Maltese artist. Separately, not all together.

Screen Shot 2017 04 03 At 18 26 23

8. €500,000+

This kind of money will just about get you a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of St Julians, or a three-bedroom converted house of character (which means a very Maltese-looking place) with a pool in Żebbug. It’s also the start of the amount you’ll need to invest in a Maltese (and hence EU) passport

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Tag someone you know is thinking of visiting or moving to Malta and let them know how much it’ll cost them!

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