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12 Of The Quirkiest Storefronts In Valletta

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Valletta is a gem when it comes to picturesque balconies and weird door knockers. The capital city is one of the best spots to go to if you want to practice your photography skills or enjoy some pretty neat views.

One thing which really strikes us in Valletta though is the super quirky store fronts we always seem to bump into when walking around the city.

Here are 12 of those quirky beauties to get you started. Enjoy hunting for these and more on your next trip to the capital!

1. This cool shop which reminds us of those old telephone boxes

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2. We would definitely get our home furniture from here judging by the exquisite front

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3. A cool diving and fishing centre in the city

4. We’re not sure what an army & navy contractor is, but it sure looks cool AF

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5. A cute household and paint store

6. This confectionary we fell completely in love with

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7. Here’s a super ambiguous shop…

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8. … and another ambiguous entry

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A fave place 🙂

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9. The mandatory photo of the alleged oldest record shop in the world

10. Another super mysterious but beautiful entry

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11. This is hands down one of the cutest entries here

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12. Here’s a shop with the most harmonious colour scheme ever

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Did we miss out on any quirky store fronts? Leave a comment below and tag someone who’d love to check out these storefronts!

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