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History Right Under Our Noses: An Undisturbed 2,000-Year-Old Punic Tomb Is Discovered In Tarxien

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Malta has one of the richest histories around and it’s hidden right beneath our noses. Now, A pristine undisturbed tomb dating all the way back to Punic times has been discovered in Tarxien.

A team lead by QP Cultural Heritage and Geomatich under the supervision of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage uncovered the rare find with its stone stealing still in place. It’s believed to be close to 2,000 years old.

The tomb is reportedly filled with burial totems and urns, most of which are in amazing condition. The untouched urns to the sides of the chamber still contained ashes resulting from cremation rituals, and they were accompanied by an amphora and small-sized pots which most probably held funerary goods.

Tarxien is a well-known spot for Malta’s history with the Hal Saflieni hypogeum and Tarxien temple complex also in the area.

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