IN PHOTOS: Precious 17th Century Mattia Preti Paintings In Maltese Rotunda To Be Immaculately Restored

Time to admire the art in the way it was originally meant!

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Mattia Preti is the man we need to thank for the beautiful baroque churches on our island. This guy painted the vaulted ceiling in the Co-Cathedral and numerous altarpieces across the islands. And now, we can thank him by admiring his beautifully restored pieces.

During his 30 years on our island he was responsible for a number of magnificent pieces, including intricate stone carvings and paintings.

Needless to say, his works are a national treasure. Among these pieces we find the mesmerising paintings at the Sarria Church in Floriana. These works are currently being restored thanks to Sparkasse Bank Malta plc, who are supporting this work.

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The Floriana rotunda was built way back in 1675 by Grandmaster Cotoner as a sign of thanksgiving after a particularly devastating plague outbreak on the island. It was designed by Preti and built under the architectural direction of Lorenzo Gafá.

"Last year, we were glad to support Din l-Art Helwa in the restoration of the St Nicholas. This year, as part of the continued effort in corporate social responsibility we are pleased to fund the restoration of the large lunette representing the victory of good over evil, or as it is better known St. Michael and the Devil,” Paul Mifsud, CEO of Sparkasse Bank said.

The team carrying out this work consists of Giuseppe Mantella and Sante Guido. "This is a splendid painting by the Cavaliere Calabrese, but it is very badly damaged mostly by water infiltration,” Mantella said.

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Mr. Paul Mifsud and Dott. Sante Guido inspect the painting

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Dott. Giuseppe Mantella at work

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The restoration of these masterpieces is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year, and it will be celebrated with a concert supported by Din l-Art Ħelwa and V18.

What do you think of this initiative? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who'd love to check out the finished works!

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