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IN PHOTOS: Take A Look At The 1964 Independence Day Issue From Times Of Malta

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The Times of Malta publication from 1964’s Independence Day is fascinating look into one of the biggest days in Maltese history.

Take a look at the 1964 issue of the Times of Malta with us, but buckle up – it’s a wild ride…

The OG front page screams liberation as the Maltese flag waves proudly over the islands from above.

Here’s a little cutout of the Liberal Party’s well wishes for Malta’s newfound independence.

Apparently, back in 1964, the tourism industry was worth £10 million.

With a spend that big in those days, people might want to stop complaining about the tourists coming over – we literally paved the way for them all to flock here all the way back then.

How cute is that plug from the Phoenicia hotel, though? ?

Share these images with your friends and enjoy your Independence Day celebrations.

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