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WATCH: Here’s How And Why The British Built The Victoria Lines On A Tight Budget

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Ever wondered how the British forces were able to build one of Malta’s most well-known inland defences using nothing more than some cups of tea and elbow grease? One very pro-Brit YouTuber is here to break it down.

When the Brits ended up taking control of the island from the French in 1800, they suddenly found themselves in control of an island that had some well-fortified ports and harbours, but not much going on inland.

They needed something to halt a land invasion that didn’t break the bank – and that’s when they noticed a natural ridge stretching along Madliena all the way to Rabat, a ridge that could be turned into a low-budget defensive line to stop a marching army, if they ever did come.

Welcome to the genesis of the Victoria Lines, as explained by historian Lindybeige.

The Brits knew that Malta’s strategic position was going to prove lucrative to their Empire’s plans over the coming decades, with talks of a canal linking the Mediterranean to Asia already being heard around Europe.

And as Lindybeige explains, the British Forces wanted to ensure they had a sustainable, defensible position that made sense for the tiny island.

From bringing in 100-ton guns over to dealing with natural faults, find out more about the details behind building such iconic fortifications – and enjoy seeing a British historian make his way through Maltese countryside as he hilariously takes us through the details… just don’t mention Napoleon Bonaparte to him.

"Pay attention to hedgehog"

Aside from the history, you can also enjoy Lindybeige’s sarcastic notes on Malta, where he complains about everything from the fireworks to the constant noise to people driving motorcycles in rural areas – welcome to Malta, ħabib.

Cover image left: Rolf Krahl via Wikimedia

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