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How To Not Spend A Fortune On Wedding Outfits In Malta

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Wedding season in Malta is a special time – full of love, good weather and glamorous selfies. It’s also a very real attack on people’s personal finances. 

Aside from wanting to get couples a lovely gift, there’s a bunch of other expenses involved with being a wedding guest. Some of them are inevitable, but when it comes to wedding attire we’ve got a few suggestions that’ll cut your costs right down.

1. Form a wedding-guest bank

Start a chain email with four or more of your closest girl-friends and suggest a massive dress-swap. This way your outfit options are quadrupled without spending so much as a cent. #StrongerTogether

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2. Up-cycle your little-black-dresses

Wearing all-black to a wedding is kind of frowned upon in Malta, but if you’re able to inject a dash of bold colour through the amazing power of shawls, then that’s going to be a whole lot cheaper than buying a new dress. #XallaXalata

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3. Get a tailor involved

Many people feel pressured not to wear the same thing twice to wedding season, and as a result a lot of expensive outfits are sacrificed to the eternal confines of people’s wardrobes. Why not shorten a maxi dress, change the neck-line of a jumpsuit, or even add some statement sleeves to an old favourite?

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4. Shop creatively

Forget your go-to wedding outfit stores and explore the lesser known shopping districts of Malta. Don’t turn your nose up at independent boutiques – it’s very possible you’ll find something that’s chic AF at a fraction of regular high-street prices.

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5. Embrace hand-me-downs

Stop bemoaning your mum’s hoarder-tendencies and raid her wardrobe instead. Chances are the options won’t be perfect, but with a bit of tailoring (see point 3) you could have a to-die-for outfit on your hands.

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6. Be bolder with hair and make-up

Instead of blowing money on a designer dress you’ll wear a handful of times, spend that money on a head-turning haircut. No one will notice you’re wearing the same dress again, and it will serve you way beyond the wedding celebrations. If you want to go even cheaper – just get your hands on a lipstick colour that’s going to dominate all of the wedding selfies. 

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7. Don’t be afraid to dye

Again – if you’ve got a wedding-guest dress that you’ve not worn more than once, then don’t be worried about altering it. Garment-dying is the cheapest way to rejuvenate an outfit if you do it right. Just remember to check that the fabric can take the dye before you try it.

Argument Over Color Aurora Dress Based Real Wardrobe Squabble

BONUS: Sell your old outfits!

Put your stuff online and re-claim back some of your wedding-guest investment. Every little helps!

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Tag a friend who’s broke AF because of wedding season!

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