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If You Wear This Costume In Malta You Will Probably Get Arrested

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Back in 2009, some revellers at Nadur Carnival were arrested for dressing up as Jesus, his disciples, and as nuns. One man from Zejtun was even given a suspended sentence after dressing up as Jesus Christ; he was found to have offended religion. 

But since then Malta has revised its vilification laws, with Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici saying that “in a democratic country, people should be free to make fun of religions, while not inciting hatred,” he had said.

However, Malta still has some weird laws that you should know about before getting dressed up this Halloween – here are some things you cannot wear legally in Malta.

Anything indecent

First off, the obvious – it is illegal to “go naked or be indecently dressed” in “the harbours, on the seashore or in any other public place”. This means it’s probably a good idea to leave your bikinis, mankinis, or anything of the sort at home. 

Technically, you can’t do this in Malta

Masks or disguises

Here’s a law that might be problematic around Halloween time – it is illegal to wear a mask/disguise in a public place. The law does make an exception for any specific law that describes the time and manner when they can be worn, which might explain why there aren’t mass arrests of Maltese children come every Carnival or Halloween.

This could be deemed illegal in Malta

Police officers

It is also illegal to dress up as and impersonate a police officer in Malta. As fun as it would be to run around the streets “arresting” people, you can expect some harsh consequences if a real police officer finds you. 

Don’t be like Johnny Depp

The President of Malta

And while you can dress up as most political figures in Malta, it is actually illegal to dress up as the President of Malta. People found to be dressed up as or impersonating the President of Malta are liable to face some criminal consequences.

You can dress up as this guy though

What will you be wearing for Halloween this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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