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‘I Love The Way The Maltese Light Shines’: Genesis Guitarist Steve Hackett Is Hyped Ahead Of His Valletta Concert

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When it comes to far-reaching, influential rock bands, Genesis have to be way up there, with guitarist Steve Hackett’s particular style and technique influencing generations of young musicians into proggier, more ethereal plains.

Hackett’s impressive solo career has proven his songwriting – and singing – chops, and now, the accomplished musician is more than ready for his return to Malta.

Having performed on the island last in 2004, Hackett is excited to be returning – and this time, he’ll be with his wife for the first time.

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Steve Hackett in action

“I’m really looking forward to returning to Malta, and this time being able to share the experience with my wife Jo, as well as the band,” Hackett told Lovin Malta.

Though he was on a tight schedule the previous time he visited, he still had time to hit up some local sights – and one stands out to him more than any other.

“Walking through the streets of beautiful historical Mdina… I love the way the light shines on the beautiful golden walls,” he said. “This time I would very much like to spend some time looking round the ancient temples. I’m intrigued by the extraordinary history of Malta, which goes way back into the depths of time.:

During his show on June 5th, Hackett will be performing the iconic Selling England By The Pound, considered to be the “essential Genesis album”, in its entirety

“Selling England By The Pound is my personal favourite Genesis album and also for many fans,” he said. “It’s important for me to honour it by playing it in its entirety.”

And that’s not all – Hackett will be performing some select highlights from his solo album Spectral Mornings in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

“Spectral Mornings is one of my solo favourites and I realise that fans love it too,” he smiled. “It feels right to give its fortieth anniversary a proper celebration.”

Having been recording music since the 60s and releasing albums and touring the world from the 70s, Hackett’s seen how touring has changed over the years

“I do some reasonably long tours now, but sometimes in the 1970s they went on for as much as nine months for us in Genesis,” he recounted. “That really was exhausting!”

However, he appreciates how much easier touring became with Britain within the European Union… and he hoped Brexit wasn’t going to effect that.

“Touring in Europe is much easier now that we are in the EU – and I hope that situation doesn’t change,” he said.

When it comes to the actual live shows, Hackett’s decades of experience lend perfectly to his vision for the show

“I like to feel the connection between musicians and audience,” he explains. “I also enjoy the sense of magic that the combination of music and lights can create.”

Talking about music, Hackett’s been spinning a particular playlist this week

“I’m mainly listening to my own as we’re on tour right now, playing most nights!” he laughed. “I love to capture other music though whenever I can, both old and new. Recently I was listening to Peter, Paul and Mary singing Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind. What a beautiful song, so appropriate to today, and an incredibly powerful rendition. I highly recommend it.”

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Ahead of his highly-anticipated show, he’s got a simple message for his Maltese fans

“I’m hugely looking forward to playing in magical Malta again and having the chance to meet the fans,” he finishes. “It’ll be an honour and a pleasure!”

Rn M Event Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett will be performing at the MCC in Valletta on the 5th of June. Tickets may be bought from www.kultura.mt or via [email protected].

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