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We Spoke To The Maltese Man Who Is Literally Paid To Follow Ben Camille Around

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Ben Camille is famously famous for being famous. As Malta’s premiere reality star and the main protagonist in the show Benjamin, nearly everyone in Malta knows his name.

But behind the man, there is another man. To be more accurate, there is a cameraman, and his name is Isaac.

“To be honest at first I thought that he would be a bit of a diva to work with, but he immediately proved me wrong and I quickly learned that he is a very approachable and down to earth lad… Though if you like punctuality then I wouldn’t recommend working with Ben Camille,” he says.

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Having been involved in the media industry for over ten years now, Isaac met Ben on the set of Strada Stretta. It was around that time that the company he worked for, Sharp Shoot Media, came up with the idea of producing Malta’s first ever reality show. 

And Ben was the perfect candidate for the job. 

“Apart from Ben being a very interesting, funny, hard-working, driven and a goal-oriented person, the best thing about working with Ben on Benjamin is watching him cook as it’s always one of the most entertaining things I have ever witnessed,” he said. 

In between bouts of cooking and showing up late, Ben and company still have time to get up to some antics. 

“I was filming a pyjama party that Ben and some other personalities had at Martina’s place, and Paula told the hilarious story of an incident that happened to her during her morning program were she thought that her co-presenter made a mistake by reading one of the viewers name incorrectly, which was Angus,” he says.

“She immediately corrected him on live television saying that the viewers are not burgers but she quickly learned that Angus was in fact a name and not a burger. What was even more funny was that Martina didn’t even know what angus meat was so she asked the question and I quote “What, there are burgers named angus?!,” he laughs. 

Or, the time Ben had some free time and tried to clean his shoes. 

“I was at Ben’s house and he had a cleaning product to clean his shoes with. He started spraying it on his shoes like his life depended on it and once he started wiping it off he saw that his shoes looked horrible, much worse than when he started,” he says.

“He took the bottle and started reading the instructions out loud and the first line specifically said in bold letters to spray just a little amount on a part of the shoe which is not so visible to test it out,” he said.

“At this point I fell to the floor and as everyone heard in that episode, both of us couldn’t stop laughing!”

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With the latest episode of Ben appearing tonight, and many more planned, Isaac says that even though he loves the job, it remains challenging in its own way.

“Although technically a reality show is less demanding than a drama series in terms of setting up as it’s more of a run-and-gun type of filming, I have to say that it is very demanding physically as you are constantly rolling,” he says. “At no point can you cut or you run the risk of losing what could be a very important moment. After the third or fourth hour of non-stop filming I have to say things start getting pretty intense!”

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How does working with Ben Camille sound to you?

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