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Is This Malta’s Newest Superstar-In-The-Making?

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She’s already being compared to Sia and she’s getting support from Annie Lennox and Sting. 

Her name is Carrie Haber, but she’s now known as I.Am.Willow and she’s busy working on her EP in London. The first single, Satellite, is awesome and already available to check out on Soundcloud.

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In the words of music publication The Line of Best Fit: “Satellite follows the Sia school of songwriting, with understated verses swelling to a compelling chorus. I.AM.WILLOW has a similarly powerful vocal, plaintive and spine-tingling in equal amounts.”

According to I.Am.Willow the track is about “Giving that special relationship another chance. Giving up all earlier inhibitions and doubts and letting go; waving at the world as it fades from view. Trusting in what will be – essentially allowing love to show the way.”

The EP drops December 16th.

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