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It’s Soon Time To Say Goodbye To Your Free 10 Kilo Cabin Baggage On Ryanair Flights

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It’s finally happening: Ryanair is ending their practice of allowing passengers to bring a 10kg hand luggage with them on all flights for free.

As from November, passengers will be charged anywhere between €6 and €10 for the option of bringing a 10kg hand luggage with them: up to €8 to place the bag in the overhead locker, and up to €10 to check the bag in at the airport.

You’ll still be able to bring a “small personal bag” with you, but good luck fitting all your clothes – or anything, for that matter – into that.

Forget doing this

Ryanair said it’s doing this because people were bringing too much hand luggage with them and causing delays

They also said they didn’t expect to make any additional revenue with this new plan.

You can mull that statement over as you longingly stare at the chill passengers in the easyJet, Wizz Air and Norwegian Air Shuttle lines, casually sitting on their 10kg luggage as you try to find dig out your passport from behind some socks in your “small personal bag”.

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