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It’s Time You Met The X Factor Malta Dancers Who Are Owning It Show After Show

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Week after week, there’s a troupe of individuals who dedicate their sweat and blood to put on their best performance for us X Factor Malta viewers. They’re working their asses off to kill it, and it’s high time Malta gave them the recognition and praise they deserve.

The Unit, Southville Dancers, Kinetic Dance Academy, Annalise Dance Studio and the newest edition DanceLab are the dance schools and collectives that are up on the stage giving us a live show experience that’s difficult to forget.

Here’s a massive shoutout to their awesome work and dedication!

The community vibe that the dancers have created with each other is unprecedented.

Every week, they’re helping each other out, giving each other tips and tricks and just making this a good experience altogether. For the dancers, there’s no sense of competition between them.

And there’s no sense of tense competition between anyone else either. From singers to dancers to make-up artists on set practically every day for long hours at a go, the atmosphere is amazing.

Dancers 3

From left; Southville DancersKinetic Dance Academy and The Unit

The daily dedication that these guys are putting in is intense

Every Monday, the dancers are assigned singers (note: plural) and are given a theme. They then have two days to completely come up with a choreography and, in the case of the schools, assign the most appropriate dancers. Rehearsals happen every weekday from 5pm onwards, and mostly go on until the early hours of the morning.

Basically, going home by 11pm after a whole day at work or school is a good day for these guys.

Dancers 2

Annalise Dance Studio performing with Xtreme on the right, and during rehearsals on the left

Each week, the dancers get to perform with somebody new

We say get to perform, though this does increase their workload. But they’re not complaining at all.

What it really means is that they’re able to explore new styles and techniques that they’ve never delved into before.

Dancers 1 1

From top; The Unit with 4th LineSouthville Dancers with Luke Chappel

From bottom; Annalise Dance StudioKinetic Dance Academy with Ben Purplle

The all-girl dance collective The Unit’s experience on X Factor

The Unit is the dance group paired with Petra last week, and we cannot imagine how tough (and, um, uncomfortable) it must be to dance on a scaffolding.

The collective had previously also performed with Franklin, 4th Line and Owen.

Southville Dancers is one of the biggest teams

This major dance school has 100 dancers taking part in the X Factor, and is able to explore different variations of dance styles; namely hip-hop, lyrical, breakdance and other street styles.

They were the guys in the onesies in Owen Luellen’s performance last week and their choreographer is the guy who was sizing up Petra in her version of Etta James’ ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You.’

And boy, were we loving the heated chemistry between Petra and the male dancer that was going down.

The girls of Annalise Dance Studio having been wowing us at the live show openings

They opened X Factor Live Show 3, and these were the girls in silver dancing with spy Ben Camille last week. They also performed with Kelsey Bellante and Xtreme on the first show.

They’ve got power, and week after week they command the stage with their insane talent. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for this week’s final show!

Kinetic just want to have fun… but they’re putting on memorable shows in the process

How can we forget the duo’s emotional performance of Norbert’s rendition of ‘Never Enough’? Or the girls who apparently Howard had a tough time keeping his eye off during Ben Purplle’s ‘Pretty Woman’?

This troupe is certainly impressing its audience as the weeks roll on.

These all form part of the Kinetic Dance School. The dancers also performed with Nicole and Norbert last week. During the first week, they were teamed with Ben Purplle again and Luke Chappell.

Meet the new guys on the block, DanceLab

They’re new to the X Factor stage and performed for the first time with Kelly Bellante last week.

With their high levels of energy, we’re excited to see whether they’ll be around for the finals also.

But the finals are a big, exciting secret

You’d think that with less singers being around as the weeks go by, the dancers’ workload decreases. But this is so not the case.

What we don’t know is that the dance groups are coming up with dancers that might not even happen. They get their choreography down and props prepped for the following weeks in case the dancers go through, but once the singers get eliminated, these dances get dropped as well.

So this week, the dancers have until Saturday to prepare about four to five dances, but they’ll most likely perform just two of them, according to Chris from Southville Dancers. And these guys aren’t even phased by the amount of work they put in, as they’re already preparing for X Factor Malta’s Season Two. And we can’t wait to see what they’re about to bring us then.

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