7 More Maltese Surnames' Meanings Explained

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Following our original list last week, the people behind Kelma Kelma have given us the history behind seven more Maltese surnames - and similar to last week's, some are a lot nicer than others.

1. Agius

From the Arabic adjuz, we won't beat around the bush with this explanation since you don't have much time left - Agius basically means you're old AF.

2. Cachia

Cut those Cachias out of your life, originating from the nickname kakias, their name literally means bad and cruel-spirited.

3. Xuereb

Always down for a good time, Xuerebs are either named after impressive moustaches or after their alcoholism. Either way, you're gonna want to invite a Xuereb to a party.

4. Gauci

Hailing from across the pond, the Guacis are Ghawdxis... aka from Gozo.

5. Chetcuti

Probably making the best of friends to Farrugias (the chicken feeders), Chetcutis are named after new-born chicks, katkut.

6. Azzopardi

The azzo part means noble, the pardi part is up for debate. You're either named after a noble beard, or a noble leopard. Really, there's no losers here.

7. Falzon

Keep your friends close, and your Falzons closer. Originating from Italy, a Falzon is a false person, or someone who enjoys lying.

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