6 Maltese Feelings We Need To Invent A Word For

Someone get on these ASAP

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Waldeinsamkeit - the ridiculously niche German word for 'that feeling you get when you wander through the woods'. Many countries have their fair share of untranslatable words, and these are our suggestions for moments that are extremely Maltese, and desperately require a word in out language.

1. The thrill that comes with picking at a ħobża's crust before arriving home 

And breaking off the outer crust to find the soft heaven on the inside.

2. The disgust you feel when you step out of the shower and are already sweating

This spell of cold makes it easy to forget just how savage our summer's heat can be. There's few things sadder than sweating right out of the shower.

3. The sense of abandonment that washes over you when you wait 50 minutes for a bus that isn't coming

But the sun-bleached paper stuck to the bus stop is telling me it should have been here 10 minutes ago...

4. The euphoric rush you get after your first bite of a pastizz while drunk

There's nothing quite like it!

5. The superhuman rage that takes over after you hit a pothole


6. The preemptive fear of the amount of traffic you're going to meet on your journey home

If I leave the office by 5:30 hopefully I'll be home in time to see my new-born baby graduate from university.

Tag a friend who perfectly embodies one of these emotions!

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