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Here’s All The Different Things The Word ‘Malta’ Means Across The Globe

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If you haven’t yet seen the videos Nas Daily made about our island, firstly: good morning, we hope you enjoyed your five-day nap after Easter lunch. Secondly, while it was awesome to see Malta featured on such a popular channel, it was also interesting to read the comments from around the globe.

One comment that sparked a whole thread was posted by a Pakistani user who pointed out they had a ‘Malta’ in Urdu, but to them, it meant…

1. An orange

The national language of Pakistan classifies us as a fruit. Sure there were some arguments about whether a malta is an orange or its own brand of citrus, but either way – yay for being one of your five-a-day.

2. We’re noisy, fun party people in Portuguese

We’re pretty sure this one is based off actual experiences with Maltese people at some point. There’s no way this is a coincidence.

3. The Spanish use us to make beer

It may be malt in English, but the Spanish do us the favour of honouring us with the full name.

4. While in Puerto Rico we’re the actual drink

Who needs to be the key ingredient in beer when you can be the whole drink? Thanks Puerto Rico, we’ll have a bottle of Malta to go with our Maltesers, please.

5. Italians need us to hold their buildings together

That’s right – to the Italians malta is more than an island that gives them a high score in the Eurovision. Malta is also mortar, an essential component in the construction industry.

6. And it’s the same thing in Slovakian

Tag a friend who’s a noisy, funny party person

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