Online Maltese Community Team Up To Choose 'Qwiel' Best Describing Life In Malta

Some are a little strongly worded

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A post on popular Facebook group The Salott has sparked a wave of comments as hundreds of people replied to one simple question: "What Maltese qawl (proverb) best describes the true identity of Malta?".

These are some of our favourites, and probably the most apt.

1. "Min ħexa mexa; min ħexiex, inħexa."

Daniel / The Salott

Rough translation: Those who fucked around moved forward; those who didn't fuck around, got fucked.

Meaning: In life, those who play by the rules tend to get screwed over.

2. "Il-qaħba milli jkollha ttik"

Josette / The Salott

Rough translation: The whore can only give as much as she has.

Meaning: There's only so much you can expect to receive from someone or something that has limited resources.

3. "Bormot ġarek tfuħ iktar minn ta' darek"

Rita / The Salott

Rough translation: Your neighbour's pot smells better than yours.

Meaning: The grass is always greener on the other side, and we tend to never be satisfied with what we've got.

4. "Bil-flus tagħmel triq fil-baħar"

Joseph / The Salott

Rough translation: With money you can build a road through the sea.

Meaning: If you've got the cash to back it up, you can do pretty much anything.

5. "Iddardarx l-għajn li trid tixrob minnha"

Dennis / The Salott

Rough translation: Don't mess up the spring you need to drink from.

Meaning: In Malta's case this can be applied both metaphorically and literally. Don't fuck up something you need to survive. 

6. "L-ikbar għama dak li ma jridx jara"

John / The Salott

Rough translation: The blindest person is one who refuses to see.

Meaning: Refusing to see the truth that's in plain sight makes you blind to the facts.

Which is your favourite proverb? Tell us on Facebook!

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