What Is The Hardest Maltese Word To Pronounce? The Salott Discusses

To be fair, we do have quite a confusing language

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Okay; whether Maltese is your first language or not, you can't deny that we have some pretty confusing words in our vocabulary. I mean, apart from the varying amount of silent letters and variations on the letter 'h', there are also some words that are just plain tough to pronounce.

Well, members of popular Facebook forum The Salott (RUBS) have provided us with some solid contenders for the hardest Maltese word to pronounce... both for tourists of course, but also to locals.

1. Any word with the letter 'q' in it

Dqiq, qerq, sqaq, qroqq...

So many glottal stops, not enough linguistic ability. And to take it up a notch, go for a word that also includes the letter 'ħ', like QAMĦ. Literally the most glottal word you could ever say.


2. Speaking of the letter 'ħ'...

Mitħna is quite a tough one, along with ħtaft and daħk.

I gave myself a sore throat just thinking about those words.


3. Also, 'għ' and 'ie' are single letters

And they don't make any sound. But they make words longer.


4. These words are way too long to even begin to say

I'm getting a bit of a headache now, ħa taqbiżlijizzijahomlomli.


5. Apparently, we don't fare too well with polite words

Sorry bro, I don't do apologies.


6. If you can't say the word Ċisk, you don't belong in Malta

And here are a few other words that didn't really fit in one specific category.


7. Where do you live?



What do you think the hardest word to pronounce is?

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