You've Probably Never Heard Of These 'Pure Maltese' Words For The Wind Directions

And no, it's not 'Tramuntana' and 'Nofsinhar'

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Many people might not instantly associate the Maltese language with variety, especially when compared to a global language like English. However, we've got quite the colourful list of words, especially "pure" words; that is, ones that don't have direct roots in words of Romance origin.

Online Maltese dictionary-community Il-Miklem has been sharing weird and wonderful old Maltese words for a while now, and they shared a post with old terms for wind directions.

And while we've all heard of words like Tramuntana and Nofsinhar before, you probably haven't heard these before.

1. North: Ix-Xmiel (Tramuntana)

I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a world where it's actually Xmiel Kardashian and Jon Snow is Re' tax-Xmiel?

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2. South: Il-Qibla (Nofsinhar)

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3. West: L-Għarb (Punent)

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4. East: Ix-Xarq (Lvant)

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The rest of the wind directions shared on il-Mikelm are the familiar ones we've come to learn. You have Majjistral for North West, Grigal for North East, Lbiċ for South West and Xlokk for South East.

The post goes on to explain what phrases like Riħ Isfel and Riħ Fuq properly mean, along with Riħ l-Art and Riħ Barra.

Miklem explained how the primary sources for these names are Aquilina's Maltese Dictionary and other specialised books like Ġuzi Gatt's Qiegħda Fuq il-Ponta Ta' Ilsieni Vol. 1 & 2.

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