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8 Lessons You Learn When Waiting For A Bus In Malta

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There are few feelings worse than waiting for a bus you know isn’t gonna show up any time soon. Whether you’re in a rush or just impatient, it’s good to focus on the life lessons there are to be learnt from this terrible experience.

1. Never set your expectations too high

“If it sounds like a bus, it might be a garbage truck” – Albus Dumbledore 


2. You’ll always find a job in Malta’s construction industry

“If it sounds like a bus… it’s probably one of the 500 heavy vehicles heading to a construction site.” – Yoda

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3. Patience really is a virtue…

“Patience usually means you wait in silence, not pace angrily and mutter to yourself” – Gandalf


4. … a virtue few others posses

“Forget butts and thighs, waiting for the bus is all about tuts and sighs.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi 

Obi Wan

5. Your window will always lie to you about the weather

“In summer you’ll wear too many layer, and in winter too few scarves. Also you’re royally fucked in spring” – Morpheus 


6. You can never be too flexible

“Not metaphorically, actually bendy. Good luck squeezing through the cars parked for a pastizz to flag down your bus” – Doctor Who


7. Accepting defeat is the hardest 

“When you’ve been waiting for an hour and a half, giving up makes it a real waste of time” – Aslan

Aslan And Lucy

8. But there’s no point dwelling on ‘what if’s

“I could be filled with regret that my bus passed five minutes after I left, but instead I’m filled with chocolate, snuggled under my blanket” – Cpt. Spock


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