Meet Ġanna, The Most Badass Woman On 'The People Of Malta'

She knows what she's looking for

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Facebook page 'The People of Malta' is a wonderful collection of snapshots that highlight the special character of the Maltese people. It's had inspirational tales and funny stories, but their most recent feature had us all saying: yes girl.

Everyone, say hello to Ġanna.

Snapped in Ħal-Għaxaq, Ġanna's opening statement is simple. "I love men - but they have to be in their 20s."

Oh snap. And if that wasn't enough to make you think "literally me", this is what she followed it up with.

"If I were asked what to do on a date? I'd tell him to take me out to dinner because I'm always ready to eat."

Done. Ġanna is now officially confirmed as the most relatable person on that page. But her closing statements show that even the most outgoing personalities have a softer side, as she ended her interview by talking about her late husband, the "only man in her life".

Rock on Ġanna, thanks for being today's dose of inspiration.

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