11 Best Places For Te Fit-Tazza In Malta

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Few things come close to calming your nerves, or kicking that hangover, quite like a good old te' fit-tazza just like nanna used to make. If you're craving a nice glassa' (the tazza version of cuppa, of course) here are the best places in Malta for a sip of the simpler life.

1. Butterfly Diner

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This place is as central as it gets, right opposite the Birkirkara bus terminus. Butterfly Diner has been frequently recommended for its delicious food and very generous portions, but it's also a great place to go for a good old glass of tea. 

2. Diar il-Bniet

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One of the best things about Diar il-Bniet is how it constantly tries to evoke this feeling of home, and that atmosphere certainly lives on in the place's interior, and their homegrown menu.

3. Mġarr Farmers Bar

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It doesn't get any more authentic than this. A firm favourite for a lot of people, the Mġarr Farmers Cooperative Society Centre's bar right next door is well worth the trip to the quiet village.

4. Titu Lucky Bar

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Just down the road from the San Ġwann Parish Church, Titu Lucky Bar is one of those staple go-to places in the area and doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

5. Cafe OK Bar

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A beloved stop in Naxxar for locals and hipsters alike, Cafe OK offers great food at ridiculously low prices, but their te' fit-tazza is of course why they make this list.

6. Buchman's Snack Bar

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Everything about this Gżira place screams of authentic Maltese village lifestyle, and their te' fit-tazza goes down really well with their ftajjar, which are the stuff of legends this side of the rock.

7. Olympic Bar (Xufi)

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As if the heartfelt inclusion of the place's nickname in its official title wasn't indication enough, Mosta's Olympic Bar is loved by a whole lot of people. 

Its menu may be pretty vast, but its pastizzi, toast and te' fit-tazza (especially at ungodly early hours of the morning) are where it's at for Xufi and its clientele.

8. Hefu Bar

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At this rate, many people already associate Hefu with either a cold can of Cisk or a comforting glass of tea, so it's no surprise that it's made our list. This evergreen Valley Road bar looks like it might just outlive us all!

9. Suiga Bar

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Bang in the middle of Burmarrad Road, Suiga came highly recommended to us as one of those authentic places that are sure to gladly serve you tea in a glass tea. 

10. Andrew's Snack Bar

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That might be a Cisk in the glass right there, but it's the same glass Andrew's will serve their tea in. And hey, if it's a winning formula that's been going on since 1966, why change it?!

11. Serkin

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It would be a heresy not to mention Rabat's Crystal Palace on this list or any other list involving a simple but authentic taste of the traditional Maltese lifestyle. Arguably (by a large portion of the population) the best pastizzeria in Malta, Serkin is also one of those places that will offer a deliciously heart-warming te' fit-tazza. At five in the morning. And not because it's trying to be hip or anything; that's the way it always was, and that's the way it always will be. Never change Serkin! 

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Photo by Maximus Difermo

Let's face it, if you're really stuck for where to go to get a great glass of tea, then your best bet is heading down to your local band club and getting your Instagram filters at the ready. 

Where's your favourite place to go get a te' fit-tazza? 

Let us know in the comments and tag someone who would join you for a Tea Tour!

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