11 Gorgeous Instagram Shots Of Malta In Winter

Picture perfect all year round

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We're blessed to be living in a country that's extremely photogenic all year round. A few clouds, a bit of rain, wind, waves, and even hail won't wipe away the beauty of our majestic islands. 

Here's a section of our favourite Instagram shots which highlight why winter is actually one of Malta's most good-looking seasons.

1. You can't compete with our breaking waves

These beauties at Baħar Iċ-Ċagħaq are proof of that.

2. Our soft winter light is a photographer's dream

As is the Blue Grotto...

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3. Even when it's overcast the sun shines through

Right down onto Valletta's gorgeous skyline.

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4. A touch of mist gives it that dreamy feel

And makes you want to instantly be outdoors.

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5. Cold weather won't stop our colours from popping

None more boldly than the Red Tower in Mellieħa.

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6. There's something really romantic about our stormy days

No matter how useless they render us all...

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7. Seriously, you can't help but be blown away by the beauty of stormy seas

...sometimes literally.

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8. And there's always a lone soul contemplating life

...who's also perfectly placed for that awesome shot.

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9. Colder seasons still deliver epic sunsets

With fiery hues that are simply breathtaking. 

10. Winter is awesome for dramatic shots

Winter lighting and the elements + shrewdly chosen filter = perfection.

11. And on those perfectly clear winter nights nothing can compete with Malta's starry skies

The stuff of dreams. 

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