11 Hilarious Posts From Maltese Facebook Users

Malta; land of memes, typos and bad jokes

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You've definitely hit a significantly new low in your life when you're 152 comments deep into a thread of bad Maltese jokes, with tears streaming down your face and clutching a bottle of wine. Not that I would know personally, but I can only assume...

The internet is a gift that keeps giving, and these 11 Maltese Facebook posts are all the proof we need.

1. We’re always looking for ways to be resourceful

Waste not, want not ngħidu aħna.


2. We love a good innuendo

Not quite sure what this was meant to be saying in the first place, TBH.


3. These jokes are so bad, they’re good

'Jaqaw missierek vampir? għax fik gidma tajba!'


4. Who needs Spellcheck?

No one in this lottiry office!


5. It’s always swimming weather in Malta

A classic #NotPhotoshopped


6. Is the law heavily enforced in Malta?

Yes, no, it depends.


7. You wanna be on top?

... of the seventh block of flats to be erected this week?

8. If this is true, I’m moving to Sliema yesterday

My diet hasn’t been going very well anyway...


9. ‘Xillostra trid’ reacts only

This may be known as an Italian gesture, but let's face it; it’s also basically Maltese.


10. I don’t have an intro for this

Just read it and understand why.


11. A lesson to everyone on minding your own business

But maybe not on proper syntax and grammar.


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