11 Of Malta's Silly, Strange And Spooky Superstitions

It's not just black cats that bring bad luck


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Growing up all Maltese kids heard the tall tales about the dangers of walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. We may laugh them off as silly superstition, but a small part of us is still a little anxious there's some truth to the stories. Just in case fearing black cats wasn't enough for you, here's a few more superstitions to worry about.

The good

1. Spilling wine is a good omen

So once you've stopped crying over the wasted wine, you can look forward to happier times.


2. As is having a pigeon shit on you

At least there's a silver lining to the ultimate Valletta ordeal...


3. And a ring soaked in a child's bath water will bring you good luck

And as any parent will tell you, when you have children you need all the luck you can get.


The bad

4. Killing a black moth will give you bad luck

Seems like a rumour started by the moths themselves...


5. As will working on Good Friday

Oh well, if we have to relax!


6. And wearing new clothes on any Friday (Good included)

Asos, please take note.


7. Dreaming of candles means you're soon gonna die

So here's to having exactly zero romantic dates or relaxing baths in your dreams.


The plain weird

8. A tortoise's blood can cure jaundice

As if the poor buggers weren't hunted down enough 


9. Boys born on the Feast of the Assumption would go on to win many horse races

On what day would they be enlightened to give racehorses decent names? #StarlightChlamydia 


10. You can cure an eye infection by throwing barley in a well

Exactly seven grains in the well, and you're healed. No more. No less.


11. A woman on her period cannot work in a bakery or vineyard

Well she can, but she'll apparently ruin the taste of the finished product. Just by being present. Interesting.


Shoutout to Malta Rural Tourism for their information on some of these traditions.

Tag a friend who is very superstitious, just to make their life a little harder.

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