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11 Of The Best Maltese Memes That Emerged Out Of Today’s Storm

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Malta may be facing a bit of a troubling situation at the moment, what with gale force winds sending fish flying onto the land and forcing people to evacuate their homes and all that.

And whilst there is no denying that this is definitely a serious issue, its good to see that the winds haven’t shaken the sense of humour out of all of us. Loads of people have taken to social media to share jokes and memes in the classic Maltese style of taking the piss out of literally anything.

These are some of our faves.

1. The ‘writing things backwards’ meme is still very much alive and kicking

Hey Dnegel, look at what you’ve done.

2. Speaking of Dnegel…

Strong winds might be turning things around.

3. Dinner with a view

Actually, today might not be the best day to go out to eat.

4. This one’s for all the people working outside today

Even the worst of people can sympathise with the fact that you need to brave the storm.

P.S. I’m still waiting for my pizza to arrive.

5. Then there’s the whole fish thing

Which is pretty much like something out of a cartoon.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 13 19 44

6. Some people tried to make some money out of it

Bargain, no?

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 14 08 48

7. And others tried to start some drama

If people actually believed this it would have been a storm of its own kind.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 13 15 13

8. Also, not to use a joke to death

But we’re using this joke to death.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 13 22 32

9. Peppi fell victim to some online fun

Have you ever been turned into a meme? Call us and tell us all about it.

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 13 39 02

10. A moment of silence for everyone who couldn’t celebrate the weekend

But that’s real life kids; it sucks.

11. Nature’s fighting mankind back on this one

How’s that for over-development?

Screen Shot 2019 02 24 At 13 22 48

Send us your favourite memes from today’s storm!

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