12 Maltese Car Decals That'll Make You Cringe

The bar keeps getting lower and lower

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We've all heard of the notorious "I Wish You Thrice You Wish To Me" car decals that roam the streets of Malta. But thanks to the Facebook group Skritturi Fuq Vetturi, we've all realised that it's only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Put your money where you clothes... were?

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 48 19

We're still on Number 1, and the cringe is already extremely strong. #PoodlePower

2. Spelling out the infamous horn gesture

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 48 32

Ward off those preying wizards with a touch of class. A very small touch. Miniscule, really.

3. Extremely useful information

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 48 54

Currently still in the possession of one of the many batshit drivers out there.

4. Where is my mind?

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 49 23

There seems to be a running theme with this insane driver concept, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

5. This cannot be real

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 50 00

Yes, that does say what you think it says. Your eyes didn't deceive you.

6. Well, technically...

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 50 53

Your display of masculinity is indeed impressive.

7. This guys means a serious business

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 51 24

We're going to avoid highlighting that grammatical error that thinly-disguised threat; mostly because we were planning to live the rest of our lives without having to constantly look over our shoulders.

8. You do you honey

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 53 30

Honestly, there's a time and place for everything, and this might not be either.

9. I wash my hands (but not my car)

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 54 24

This one is textbook comedy gold; start with a build-up of something that looks extremely familiar, then switch things round in the last second. Dear unknown driver, we salute you.

10. The classic loose

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 55 11

There had to be at least one of these classic mistakes. We just hope this driver didn't get a matching tattoo.

11. Well done?

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 57 51

Proof that royalty is a frame of mind. We're not sure whether to applaud this driver's confidence or to point out the obvious.

12. Mum jokes will (sadly) never die

Screen Shot 2017 01 10 At 14 58 27

Because you know, if you're ever stuck for a cool and witty message, why not offend someone on the most primitive and archaic level? Oh Malta, never change. (or do, please).

 Have you come across any other examples? Share them in the comments on Facebook.

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