12 Sure-Fire Signs You're Still Hungover After The Weekend

Don't worry, half of Malta probably feels the same!

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So you hit it pretty hard on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but what was the harm? You're just living life to the fullest. Wrong, so very wrong.

Read on dear hungover friends, and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this crippling state of existence.

1. You genuinely thought the end was nigh when your alarm went off this morning

Why is the world so cruel?

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2. You're over 22

They weren't lying when they said hangovers get harder.

Arrested Development Lucille Hangover

3. Your main food group today has been carbohydrates

Pasta for breakfast? Legit.

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4. It's not even noon and you're already on your third breakfast

Do three bags of crisps count as a meal or a snack? Asking for a friend.

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5. Wait, shit. It's nearly lunchtime already?

You have gotten nothing done at work so far except flinch at the amount of unread emails in your inbox.

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6. You've been really productive in other areas of your life though

Untagging photos on Facebook should be an Olympic sport, right?

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7. You keep flitting between feeling like you can ruin this day and the humbling realisation that this day will in fact ruin you

Peaks and troughs - that's life.


8. You're punctuating your day with carefully planned trips to the kitchen, the water cooler and the nearby shop

It's the only way to get through it all.

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9. 'The Fear' keeps on rearing its ugly head when you least expect it


10. On top of that, the odd dizzy spell seems to be the order of the day today

Make it stop!


11. You've already decided exactly what takeaway you will be ordering as soon as you get home from work

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12. You're watching the clock like a hawk

Hometime can't come quick enough.


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