14 Amazing #MadeinMalta Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Local Artisans

Guitars, jewellery and kayaks are among the few

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Handcrafted items are everyone’s number one weakness.

Malta is a country oozing with talent, especially when it comes to these beautiful objects crafted from scratch by local artists.

Thankfully, most of them upload their heavenly pieces of art on Instagram to show the world how extremely talented they all are.

Here are our top picks from #madeinMalta.

1. This cute jewellery set which would make the perfect gift

2. These lovely bath bombs which will make you go 'aah'

3. A beautiful side table made with oak and love

4. Whoever knew that Maltese guitars are totally a thing?

5. This edible chocolate Maltese falcon carved to perfection

6. These fashionable local chill bags you will totally want to own

7. Here are some amazing books for anyone who has a serious love for notebooks

8. This goblet you will want to show off at every dinner party

9. A floating kayak to discover some amazing secluded bays around the island

10. This lovely silk scarf which will give you the feels

11. These beautiful mousepads and matching mugs will give life to your office

12. These lush bowls you will fall madly in love with

13. This cool stool you definitely need in your living room

14. These bespoke coasters made for your Cisk

What do you think of this lovely collection? Leave us a comment below

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Written By

Chiara Micallef