14 More Maltese Artists Whose Work We Are Absolutely Loving Right Now

Must-haves for any local art lover

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Malta might be a tiny island, but we've got a wealth of resources when it comes to art. The country is full of talented young artists who constantly try to reinvent themselves and the very nature of their scene. 

Here are 14 Maltese artists that need to be on your radar if you love local art.

1. Gabriel Caruana

Gabriel Caruana has work exhibited both locally and overseas and is considered one of the fathers of modern art in Malta. Caruana works with a variety of different mediums and everything he produces is pure gold. His pieces are permanently displayed at The Old Mill Culture & Crafts Centre in Birkirkara and he is also the founder of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

2. Ġulja Holland

Holland’s work almost seems to have a movement of its own. Through her work, the artist challenges our reality and the way we perceive life — making us reflect on the way we see things daily. Her style is forever evolving and morphing, she is definitely worth checking out.

3. Joseph Casapinta

Joseph Casapinta captures in his art much more than just the scenery in front of him, but also the tiny details which one does not notice on first glance. The stunning way he lets the paint move freely adds character and emotion to his work. 

4. Jimmy Grima

Jimmy Grima’s work varies from graphic design, drawings and theatre direction. His simplistic style speaks in volumes, and even though mostly done in black lines, it speaks in a language seldom heard. Check out his Islander Chronicles on Instagram to fill your feed with his beautiful creations. 

5. Andrew Micallef

Micallef works with traditional mediums to create hyper realistic paintings of the Malta we truly know. Looking at his paintings confuses us deeply as at first glance you would feel most certain that you are looking at a photograph and not a painting. His breath-taking pieces certainly do capture the true essence of the island.

6. Steve Bonello

Mostly known for his cartoons and illustrations featured in local newspapers, Steve Bonello’s unique style is playful and solemn both at the same time. His work is distinguishable and easily recognisable when seen — The hollow eyes and grotesquely drawn figures contrast greatly with his more personal work which seems to almost engulf the rest of the world around you in itself. 

7. Samuel Sultana

Sultana’s work is chaos on paper. The confusing strokes found within his work confuses upon first glance but looking deeper into it you can soon see a pattern starting to emerge. This, is what we want hanging in our future house.

8. Joseph Cilia 

Cilia’s work explores the contrasting themes in Maltese culture and spirituality. The works ooze vitality and emotion — most of his subjects give off a mystical aura which expresses beauty and communicates soothingly with the soul. Evidently the artist uses his emotions to create each and every one of his pieces, communicating an ever changing form of creation. 

9. Andrew Diacono

Although mostly known for his sculptures, Diacono can’t help but win us over with his distorted figures on canvas. The sculptures and the paintings contrast heavily in their style but still can be easily distinguished as Diacono’s work. The simple curves used give off a very feminine and intimate air to the works when viewed. 

10. Gabriel Buttiġieġ

Gabriel’s work is raw and delves on a very deep level— the art itself seems to speak to the innermost part of our consciousness, making one reflect on each bump and stroke. Even though the work in itself is done in a simplistic style, the more you look at it the more it seems to expose itself to you. The works transport you back to your roots, to the bare senses of humanity.

11. Ryan Falzon

Falzon is the enfant terrible of Maltese art. His fresh outlook on Maltese life and the penchant for culture and current affairs really make his work utterly unique. Ryan works on different mediums which include paintings, lino, mono prints, acetone prints and drawings. Falzon does not shy away from speaking his mind when it comes to art and popular culture and often stings us where it hurts. 

12. Manuel Caruana 

Manuel Caruana’s work is very sensual in it’s very own nature. The techniques used seems to always differ depending on what the artist wants to portray to his viewers. However, even though the techniques change, the style remains there for all to see and distinguish  as his very own. 

13. Stiefnu

Stiefnu’s highlights are sculptures and ceramics, however his paintings and drawings are deserving of a merit on their own too. His work takes a very experimental and contemporary approach — it entails mixed media and showcases a contrasting mixture of activity and stillness at the same time.

14. Denise Scicluna 

Denise Scicluna’s art seems to have a very tongue-in-cheek play on life. Her style is abstract and has a very cheerful and happy vibe to it. Scicluna’s work is a breath of fresh air as it gives off a very feel-good sensation — from the shapes to the colours used in her work, this artist really speaks in loud volumes.

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