14 Weird And Unsettling #Malta Finds On Instagram

From odd to downright creepy, this list has it all

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2

Instagram is everyone’s favourite place to upload breakfast photos, glamorous selfies and pretty sunsets. And, as it turns out, chill-down-your-spine snaps.

We trawled the #Malta tag to find the weirdest and most start-to--a-horro-movie-esque photos on the feed. Here are the top 14 unsettling #Malta photos we found so far.

1. This cave video which was shot in the wrong orientation

Coming in with strong As Above So Below vibes, we're literally waiting for an unknown cave creature to jump out at any moment.

2. Sliema in the full moon sure is creepy

3. That thing in the balcony that almost looks like a ghost

4. This photo which gives us the chills

It could literally be the backdrop for the next exorcism movie.

5. This photo of the Manoel Theatre which needs no explanation...

6. ... and of course The Splendid in Valletta, reputed to be one of the most haunted places on the island

7. Eels, because if ever there was an IRL soul-sucker, this would be it

8. This place is not haunted, promise

9. A street in Għaxaq which might be a wormhole

10. Crimson Peak, is that you?

11. A classic Mdina sqaq that will obviously make it to the list...

12. ... and another narrow alley thrown in for good measure

13. This is a Slender Man scene just waiting to happen

14. If you squeeze your eyes really hard, you can just about pretend there's a ghost just chilling on the side

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Chiara Micallef