17 Reasons Nadur Is Amazing Even When It's Not Carnival

You never stopped to notice, did you?

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As hundreds of young carnival-junkies prepare themselves for the craziest weekend of the year, we've taken a moment to think about why we love Nadur despite the fact that it annually hosts this party carnage. 

Here's why Nadur is awesome, before carnival.

1. It's full of attractions

2. It's got a dishevelled charm to it 

3. The streets are full on any given day

4. We adore its fun-loving house decor

5. And its crafty residents

6. The colours are everything 

7. And it's got some great door porn

8. Maxokk is there!

9. As is San Blas...

10. As is Mekren!

11. The Parish Church is a beaut

12. And the whole place is a Mediterranean haven

13. No really...

14. Its saints are like the bosses of all saints

15. The streets never sleep 

16. It's random AF

17. And well, it puts up with a hell of a lot every year 

Thank you Nadur! 

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