17 Reminders Why Malta Loves The Feast Of San Pawl Nawfragu

Valletta's most celebrated day is a whole new league of awesome

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San Pawl Nawfraġu is a beautiful feast – uniting families and communities in their common love for the patron saint of the islands. 

It's a wonderful experience for both locals and foreigners, and every year it brings great joy to the Maltese people. Here's all the reasons why.

1. The history

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2. The anticipation

3. The drama

4. The cheering crowds

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5. The banda

6. And rogue conductors

7. The widespread adoration

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8. The celebratory colours

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9. The gorgeous church

10. The joyful community

11. National pride

12. The fan art

13. San Pawl himself

14. In all his effigy glory

15. The energy

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16. The aftermath

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17. The unparalleled devotion

Don't forget to use #LovinMalta when sharing your snaps of the festa on Instagram!

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