17 Reminders Why Malta Loves The Feast Of San Pawl Nawfragu

Valletta's most celebrated day is a whole new league of awesome

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San Pawl Nawfraġu is a beautiful feast – uniting families and communities in their common love for the patron saint of the islands. 

It's a wonderful experience for both locals and foreigners, and every year it brings great joy to the Maltese people. Here's all the reasons why.

1. The history

2. The anticipation

3. The drama

4. The cheering crowds

5. The banda

6. And rogue conductors

7. The widespread adoration

8. The celebratory colours

9. The gorgeous church

10. The joyful community

11. National pride

12. The fan art

13. San Pawl himself

14. In all his effigy glory

15. The energy

16. The aftermath

17. The unparalleled devotion

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